Picharsoft.com and accuperformance.com are now ONE.

Accuperfomance.com and Picharsoft.com are now merging to to provide better service to your business.

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Configuration Overview
/For Info Please follow the contact tree below/
|-- Billing and other related inquiries
|       -- finance@picharsoft.com
|-- Test and software performance and support
|       -- test@picharsoft.com
|       -- performance@picharsoft.com
|-- General inquiries
|       -- info@picharsoft.com
|-- Talk to the CEO (Charlotte Mathieu)
|       -- charlotte@picharsoft.com
  • Custom development: We work closely with your development team or your solutions Architect to deliver the expected work.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): We design and run tests at development phase, intergration phase, and deployment phase.
Document Roots

The root of accupeformance is our main office located at:
12081 Boca Reserve Lane
Boca Raton, FL 33428
(561) 839-3098

Reporting Problems

Report any problems to our support team (support@picharsoft.com).

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